Zelgorath is one of Liz's Fiduspawn gifted to Liz by Rufioh. He has a green oogonibomb.


Zelgorath was first spawned while Rose, Vriska, and Liz were imprisoned on the moon. Liz commanded him to bend the bars on their prison cell and the group was then able to escape. Liz, Vriska, and Zelgorath split off and made their way to the base's garden atrium where they were attacked by Terlock and Hades. Zelgorath fought them and the group escaped the base by teleporting back to Earth.

Upon returning to Earth, Zelgorath gave Liz a piggyback ride home.

Personality and TraitsEdit



  • Zelgorath's appearance is similar to Weavile, Liz's favorite Pokémon.
  • Zelgorath has thus far only been shown to obey Liz. It is unknown if he will obey others if she tells him to.
  • Zelgorath always refers to Liz as master when talking to her.
  • The hazard signs that cover Zelgorath's body are a reference to Guilmon, and foreshadowing something else in the comic.
  • The manner in which he was created is a homage to Digimon tamers.
  • Zelgorath is one of only two characters to be at least partially named by a fan, with Kate Williams being the other. Supposedly it is in homage to Shegorath from the The Elder Scrolls series.
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