Vriska Serket is not a Nightfall original character.
For more information on this character, see the page on the MS Paint Adventures wiki here.

Vriska Serket is one of the main characters in Nightfall.


Vriska Serket first appeared in Nightfall on trial by Alternian law, with the Judge stating that she had committeD crimeS thaT arE punishablE bY deatH. She was introduced as "the culprit", and stood before a stadium full of trolls who had apparently decided unanimously that she deserved to die.

Shortly before she was to be killed, however, the culprit decided to look up and noticed John Egbert standing before her, dressed in God Tier garbs and waving at her. She tried to ask him what he was doing, but he merely responded with goodbye! :B and subsequently disappeared, leaving the culprit to be devoured by a mob of ghostly trolls.

It turns out to be a dream, however, and the culprit wakes up before the trolls manage to consume her.

She is then introducedMSPFA as Vriska Serket, and it is explained that she had presently been living on Earth for three days, and has been having horrible nightmares every night, though Vriska is absolutely sure that the dreams have no purpose other than to "freak her out".

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