The Dreamer is a minor character in Nightfall. She tried to overthrow Nero by using her power of interfering with dreams. However, her revolt failed and she was eventually hung. It was stated by Cristyle that she shares the same sign as Sylja. It is implied that she is a previous incarnation of Sylja, due to Sylja being responsible for every uprising in Shinobi history.,


Personality and TraitsEdit



  • The Dreamer shares many aspects of a Troll ancestor - she is an influential historical figure who shared a symbol and ability with a person who was yet to be born. It is probable that Shinobi have a similar concept of Ancestors. 
  • Given that they have similar powers and symbols, it is probable that there is a relationship between Sylja and the Dreamer.
  • Her mask bears a striking resemblance to the face of Lord English, and, by extension, the symbol of Jake English.
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