Terlock is one of the Shinobi in Nightfall.

Bicho raro

Personality and TraitsEdit

Terlock's attitude is highly casual, and he insists on looking cool at all times. He prefers brutal efficiency and tends to be straight to the point as possible in his interactions with others, especially Hades whose flaws he constantly points out. Which marks another one of Terlock's skills, his ability to observe and analyze. Though he prefers to be terse, sometimes he cannot help but launch into lectures on ancient history, or self actualization, to show off his knowledge. Which leads to his tendency to do the opposite of Hades and over-think things, as shown when he was stuck coming up with several backup plans on how to open a window.


He apparently served as Hades' caretaker in the past and developed a parental relationship with him, normally by trying to guide Hades down the path he thinks is best for him.

Besides being a past guardian, he is also the current right hand of emperor Nero, and implied to have been in that position for a long enough time. He speaks to Nero more like an old friend than any sort of boss.


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