The Spotlight Duck is a tweep duck that first appeared when Karkat, John and Vriska were in the park and Vriska was feeding ducks.


Spotlight Duck has only appeared when Vriska was feeding ducks at a park.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Spotlight Duck likes breadcrumbs, and is fanonically a tweep.


It appears to like to hang out with a lot of other unknown ducks. It was fed in the park by Vriska, however not much else about their relationship is known.


Following the thread's now infamous 3D1T-chain phenomenon, a number of derivative artwork was created in the form of still images:

VRISKA: If that duck somehow steals the entire spotlight like that fucking salamander, I will go Alternian on his nook.MSPA

Come ON, this duck is obviously the star of the whole panel.MSPA

The duck has officially stolen the spotlight.MSPA

Duck: Reveal true identity

Now that you've stolen the spotlight, you reveal your true identity as a Tweep. Nobody is stunned by this shocking revelation because nobody in this thread reads Fortuna.
Slenderduck: Steal spotlight from Tweep

Nah, you're fine just staying in the shadows.MSPA

I'm not sorryMSPA

Hey Spotlight Duck, is this you? ^^MSPA

All of you deserve a medal: Spotlight Duck Ballet
Soundtrack special.MSPA

No regretsMSPA


  • It was pointed out by a MSPA forums member called Maecie in the 9th Nightfall Thread.
  • OverlordJ on that thread was the one who decided this character needs an article on this wiki.
    • Luckily, the creator of the wiki has let it live for now.
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