Shawnti and Gandra are two Shinobi sisters who were first seen in an audience with Emperor Nero. Gandra was originally unnamed, but the name was later officially confirmed in a pesterchum memo with the author TheNeonWerewolf.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Shawnti and Gandra are first introduced when Terlock seeks to speak to Nero, shortly after his encounter with Don Elefante. The two sisters are standing before Nero, having sought his audience for some advice on 'something strange' they had discovered.

Gandra tells Shawnti to show Nero the anomaly, and she subsequently obliges, lifting her symbol-engraved breastplate to reveal another symbol carved onto her metal chest itself - this symbol is identical to the symbol of the SBURB aspect of Breath. Nero expresses surprise at the symbol, and steps forwards off of his throne to stand before the sisters.

He then lifts his scepter and impales Shawnti right through the chest with it, not only killing her instantly but also symbolically destroying the Breath icon itself.

Gandra expresses shock, asking Nero why he killed her sister. Nero explains that the symbol was the sign of a horrible curse and that by killing Shawnti this way, she died the noble death of a martyr by his hands, rather than becoming a traitor and a danger to them all.

It is unknown what Gandra's current location is, though presumably she is still alive.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gandra was named by Nightfall reader jakemorph.
  • Karkat Shwantis was confirmed by Neon to be the name of Truckdog's cousin. It is yet to be seen if this has any connection to Karkat Vantas or Shawnti herself, or even if it is just one big silly joke which makes no sense whatsoever
  • The idea of a martyr's or traitor's death vaguely mirrors the two kinds of permanent death a God Tier SBURB player can receive.
  • The Breath symbol in particular is significant in that it is also the God Tier symbol of one of the main characters, John Egbert, who has also worn this symbol on his clothing numerous times in the comic.
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