STRIFE!!! is the sixth flash of Act 2.

In it, you click through an encounter between Meenah and "Karkat". "Karkat" walks up to Meenah on her balcony, his eyes glowing blue. He lunges forward with his sickle, only to be blocked by Meenah's entente. Meenah then accuses "Karkat":

MEENAH: watch where youre waving that thing
MEENAH: whats your problem
KARKAT: I have decided that you are no longer fit to be empress. Your reign over this planet is over!
MEENAH: what the hell are you talking about karkat. i thought we went over this. we were cool right?
KARKAT: Prepare to die!

"Karkat" then assaults Meenah, but she blocks his sickle with her entente. Meenah then aggresses by lunging her entenete, but "Karkat" dodges it. "Karkat" then aggrieves and begins to bring his sickle up to Meenah. Meenah then blocks him by shoving her entente straight through his stomach, leaving three holes. "Karkat" lies on the ground for a few seconds before the holes vanish and "Karkat" turns into Cristyle.

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