Rose Lalonde is not a Nightfall original character.
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Rose Lalonde is one of the main characters in Nightfall.


For Halloween, Rose dresses up to look like Vriska, in an attempt to hide the fact that Vriska is really an alien. However, this disguise ultimately fails when Kate and Gary note that a human wouldn't need to wear two costumes. She is ultimately taken into custody, along with Vriska and the other kids.

Rose tells the spies about their previous life as SBURB players, their immortal God Tier status, and how their actions resulted in the creation of the current universe.

Rose leaves the party in an attempt to talk to John. She runs into Vriska and Liz. The two of them are ambushed by Hades and Terlock who use the ring to put them to sleep and take them back to their moon base.

After waking up, she and Vriska have a fight until Sylja arrives. Rose attempts to make contact with the Shinobi girl, but determines that she is mute. After Zelgorath breaks through the bars, the group splits up and Rose accompanies Sylja. Eventually, they run into Terlock and Hades again. Vriska and Liz escape, but Rose remains behind and becomes their prisoner.

While captive, Rose relays her situation to a concerned Jade, who offers to use her teleportation powers to liberate Rose. However, Rose declines and instead decides to remain on the moon in the hopes of learning more about her Shinobi captors.

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