Nero is the ruler of Cyronillia and one of the antagonists in Nightfall.


Personality and TraitsEdit

He is an incredibly composed, grandiose and cold individual, speaking in a language much more archaic than the rest of the cast. As opposed to the more brutal Shinobi, he seems to prefer slow plotting as seen in his attempts to take over earth by first winning the hearts of the populace over to his side. The one time he does kill without hesitation, immediately afterwards he settles back into his composed persona and is easily able to explain away his action as righteous.

He rules the Shinobi, pushing them to their current warlike state of being. Though he is regarded as a benevolent god to the planet, his actions underneath his persona of nobility are nothing short of tyrannical. He holds little regard for those under him, and has no problem using his own children as pawns to further his schemes.

He is said to be immortal, and because of this fact has quashed all threats to his power. He also demonstrated a strange ability on the attacking clown trolls by reopening every single one of their past wounds, and closing them as soon as both had calmed down.

While his personality is elegant and romantic in nature, he does not seem to understand the concept of love, as the one he claims to love he keeps in a torturous state of being alive for his selfish desires, and fails to comprehend why she does not return his feelings.

He composes music in his spare time as a tribute to both his namesake (Nero who in legend fiddled as Rome burned), and his past life Orpheus. He is also the expert of knowledge on the history of the planet considering he has been alive for most of it, and likes to share in legends and myths as well.


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