This page lists all the music used in or made for Nightfall.

Official SoundtrackEdit

These were officially posted at the beginning of each thread. None of them have been used in the comic yet except for "The Eighth Dreaming".

Threads 1-4Edit

These were composed by Neon, except for ">Kids: Take Charge", which was composed by doublejoeseven.

Added in Thread 2 onwards

Threads 9-12Edit

These were composed by LeQhaMSPA.

  1. Nightfall Theme ♫
  2. Vriska's Tiny Adventure In John's House ♫
  3. Hades' theme ♫
  4. The Eighth Dreaming ♫
  5. Song of Sylja. ♫
  6. The Emperor of Cyronillia. ♫
Added in Thread 10 onwards
  1. The Pir8 and the Hero. ♫
  2. Princess in Blue ♫
  3. The Agents. ♫


These songs have been used in flashes only. None of them were originally composed for Nightfall except for "Altercarption" and "The Eighth Dreaming".


  • As later revealed by Neon, she madeMSPA some music that was never released.
    • One was supposed to be the theme for Future Dave, but she thinks she'll never be able to finish it "because one of VST's I was using broke and completely screwed up the entire file so it just sounds like static".
    • The other was simply unreleased, and was intended to be the theme for the Seadweller Fantrolls.
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