John Egbert is not a Nightfall original character.
For more information on this character, see the page on the MS Paint Adventures wiki here.

John Egbert is one of the main characters in Nightfall.


Personality and TraitsEdit




  • Though both John and Vriska are aware of having had a brief romantic relationship in canonical Homestuck, neither of them has mentioned it (yet) in Nightfall. They were about to kiss naturally, then Future Dave interrupted.
  • At one point, John wears a shirt that is similar to his blue slime shirt, except that it has a giant red "no" symbol over it. This is likely a reference to John's love of Ghostbusters.
  • John's forced kiss with Vriska is very similar to Tavros' forced kiss with Vriska. Both John and Tavros were Heroes of Breath during SBURB/SGRUB.
  • John's Halloween costume is almost certainly meant to be Link from Legend of Zelda. This symbolism is made more interesting by the fact that Link has a fairy companion, and that Vriska (John's companion) has been seen to dress up as a fairy in Homestuck.
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