Gary Holstein[note] is one of the main characters in Nightfall.


Gary first appeared alongside Kate while watching Hades, Gary: One murder committed with no trace of evidence left behind, and now a mysterious rocket landing in broad daylight that only the two of us seem to notice, and we don’t even know if this is a homicide case yet. He later disguised as a character from Pokémon at Halloween and kidnaps Vriska and the beta kids for interrogation.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gary is a spy who is obsessed with uncovering aliens. As luck would have it, he happens across one when he discovers Vriska. He tends to be a bumbling idiot, however, he tends to have good instincts, particularly for controversial matters.

Gary grew up dirt poor, with no advantages or resources given to him, but he still manages to be outgoing and optimistic.


Kate Williams Edit

While Gary is currently only Kate's coworker, Neon has confirmed that in the future they will become a couple.



Gary and Kate as kids.

  • Kate and Gary have known each other since they were kidsMSPA.
  • Along with his partner Kate, Gary is one of the only original Nightfall characters to have used the canon Homestuck minisprite design at some point.
  • Gary's name follows the four-letter trend set by the canon human characters in Homestuck.
  • During the Halloween scene, Gary dressed as James from Team Rocket in an attempt to win over the kids' trust. This is ironic since Kate and Gary's plans tend to mimic those of Team Rocket's Jessie and James, both in formation and result.
  • Gary has also been likened to Roy MustangMSPA from Full Metal Alchemist.
  • Gary has literally shot himself in the foot on at least two occasions.
  • Gary constantly makes references to Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 comic during his and Kate's first appearances.
  • Gary didn't initially have an official last name, because Neon forgot to do the "suggest name" for him. However, a last name for him has since been established on this page.MSPFA
    • He is also referred to as Mr. FoxMSPFA. Neon stated that this was a mistakeMSPA, but no consensus on either name has been reached.
  • He is named after Gary Oak.
  • His hairstyle is based off of Robin's from Teen Titans.
  • Gary and Kate were designed on the spot—their first appearance was the first time Neon ever drew them.
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