Future Dave is Dave from a future doomed timeline, the same one Future Vriska is from.


He is first seen after Dave leaves his apartment. He appears in a flash of glowing light, holding a scarf that is clearly not taken from another show, before running away, stating that [Dave wasn't] supposed to know about this.

He is later kneeling by a river washing cobalt blood off his hands and crying. He begins reading a newspaper, saying he can use the scarf to redo things in case he messes up, even though this thing is inaccurate. He then leaves, mentioning that the future is going to [come and take] everything away.

Vriska then spots him outside their house, where they have a conversation about what he's doing here. He then reveals he's from the future to warn them about some sort of impending doom. He claims that coming back wasn't his plan, but then quickly states it was. He then has to leave, due to mysterious white glowing cracks.

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  • Due to the cobalt blood on his clothes and hands, there could be a possibility that in the doomed future, either Dave witnessed Vriska's death, or that he killed her himself.
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