The Dog in a Hat is a dog wearing a frog hat. They appeared on twelfth Nightfall thread hereMSPA when Neon's internet connection broke-down because of a snowstorm, so LinkZeldi announced that there wouldn't be an update, and instead posted a picture of the dog. This announcement was also posted on the mirrorMSPFA.

This canine and its devastatingly fashionable amphibian-themed apparel are, in fact, vitally important foreshadowing elements. This is because something something dog something Jade something something something god hood something hat something something Genesis Frog something something leprechaun romance something coarse Kermit cock something something Muppet Babies something Bro's comic something something resulting in DEEP AND MEANINGFUL METAPHOR. As such, the dog in a hat solves a hell of a mystery no one thought was a mystery and didnt even really need solving but damn if it didnt just get solved so nice work.

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