Cronus Ampora is not a Nightfall original character.
For more information on this character, see the page on the MS Paint Adventures wiki here.

Cronus Ampora is a minor character in Nightfall.


Cronus was first seen talking to Nepeta outside the Alternian palace, before he was hit on the head by a wrench thrown through a fenestrated wall by Equius. He later trolled Liz, trying to hit on her. Liz didn't respond well to this, and Cronus ended up telling her that she is responsible for some avwful things in the future.

Cronus is then seen at Karkat's trial, where he brings up the murder weapons - Meenah's trident and Karkat's sickle. He doesn't do anything else for the rest of the trial, however.

He is then seen again later to tell Kankri that there's a new message on the radar. Kankri then leaves, and Cronus then tries to hit on Terezi.

Personality and TraitsEdit


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